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5 + years and ‘Better Than Ever!’ Camp YMAA offers a spectacular day camp experience for children ages 4-12. Campers pursue engaging, innovative and creative experiences while building lifelong friendships and having fun! Promotion of a balanced, healthy lifestyle that includes well being and mindful practices, empathy for others and the environment, gives campers the opportunity to develop both intra personal reflection and interpersonal skills. Activities that build mind, body and soul connections, and an awareness of the universal values of inclusion and collaboration foster a sense of community and camaraderie from the beginning of the day to the end.

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Young Muslims Athletic Association

We strive to facilitate a healthy lifestyle for the body, mind, and soul – as inspired by Islam’s universal values.

It started with a child’s desire to grow, a parent’s desire to provide the opportunity, and a family’s desire to work together in realizing a better future. This principal, existing simultaneously in all families, makes our origin a place we like to call “Home”.

Our family of volunteers, and partners came together, understanding the goal, each one contributing efforts that are both priceless and timeless, to help build something they would not only consider their own, but worth sharing with all those aspiring for a healthier lifestyle.

A Healthy Lifestyle is one that caters to the balance between the body, mind, and soul. Each component requires nourishing, and seeks growth. Our success depends on realizing this balanced growth, as individuals, families, communities, and ultimately as all of creation.

Designed to provide growth on multiple levels:

  • BODY: Physical exercise to develop Strength, and Agility.
  • MIND: Mental training to develop Focus, Intelligence, and a Positive Attitude.
  • SOUL: Spiritual activity to develop Humility, Self Awareness, and Inner Peace.

An undeniable bond exists that unites us all, thereby instilling a collective predisposition towards harmony. Character, Care, and Cooperation are values that have no boundaries. We exist together, therefore we must work together, and together we shall succeed.

Fatima Jessa
Fatima Jessa has been working with children for the past 25 years in various capacities. She has her B.A.A in Early Childhood Education from Ryerson University, B.Ed. from University of Toronto and currently completing her M.Ed in Educational Leadership Policy at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE – U of T). She has been working with the York Region District School Board as a teacher for 12 years. Her passion for equity, inclusivity and creating Positive Climates for Learning and working spaces inspires her to lead with innovative practices and facilitate modern learning environments. She is part of the School Improvement Planning, Mathematics and Modern Learning Team, and multiple initiatives within the board. Fatima is committed to leading a healthy lifestyle and shares her passion for balancing daily work, spirituality, emotional well being and being physically fit with many others in her community.

Ahsan Raza
Ahsan Raza grew up in Markham, ON and has been an active member in both Academic and Athletic development programs for the youth in the community. His passion for sports has enabled him to play and coach at various levels in Basketball, Volleyball and Baseball. Ahsan believes that through physical activity, one not only works on his/her physical health but more importantly, the spiritual and mental state of mind.

Our development depends on constructive feedback contributed by you. Please feel free to send your comments, questions and concerns by dropping us a line.


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Primary Campers (Ages 4-7)

Primary campers delight in participating in an engaging and innovative program. Our play based program includes both indoor and outdoor learning opportunities.The day begins with an outdoor activity such as a nature walk, visiting one of two parks, yoga stretching or learning a new sport skill. Campers then enjoy their snacks and quiet time before embarking on a variety of activities indoors.

This year, a “Loose Parts” learning opportunity to develop problem solving and inquiry skills using natural materials in creative ways will be introduced. Campers learn respect, initiative, responsibility and resilience as they create inspired artifacts that will be photographed and digitally archived as evidence of their work. In addition to this, art activities, board games and technology will be used to develop an environment where campers simultaneously learn and have fun.

Time is carefully planned so that our young campers receive the best possible environment to develop their social, emotional and physical skills.

Campers aged 5-7 will participate in a Financial Literacy Program during one week (included in the cost of the camp)

S.T.E.M. - Science, Technology, Engineering,Arts, Math (Ages 8-12)

A blend of science, technology, Engineering , Arts, Mathematics, and more!  Campers will learn how to follow an inquiry model (solving a problem from question to creation), research global issues and develop ideas to construct artifacts and objects that are authentic and relevant as they pursue their interests.  Whether it’s digital technology and tools, construction using found objects or building a tower, campers will collaborate with their peers, and be supported by counselors to use materials to create 3D models, engineering feats and much more!

Sports Camp (Ages 8-12)

Intermediate Campers will enjoy a mix of Indoor and Outdoor Sports, including Soccer, Basketball and several other Gym Activities and games. .Campers will participate in a series of stretches and mild cardio exercises pertaining to the specific sport. Sessions will include basic training and execution of drills which will mainly focus on improving ball handling, footwork, passing and coordination along with key defensive strategies. Most importantly, a heavy emphasis will be placed on having fun, how to build teamwork skills and developing a basic understanding of the rules of different sports. At Camp YMAA, our focus is to help kids live a balanced lifestyle by actively participating in various physical activities through sports and exercise.

* Full Day and 1/2 Day programs available

Warrior Camp (Ages 8-15)

WEEK 2 Only – July 16-20th Self Defense Class
Welcome to Warrior Camp where we will build you from inside out. Our one week of intensive self defence curriculum will focus on the basics of kicking, punching and blocking.

In order to prepare our student for tough situations we will challenge you physically and mentally in a fun and interactive environment. Get ready for an awesome experience! Get ready for Warrior Camp!

I personally feel that YMAA camp is an exceptional value as it provides halal channels of socializing, energizing and enhancing the knowledge of children. I would not hesitate to send my children to YMAA camp again next year.


The best thing my child gained at the camp was that he got to interact with other children and adults and learn to be in an Islamic environment The camp offers a unique blend of challenging, enjoyable activities through which children grow. The staff take their jobs seriously and strive to do their best. We feel comfortable knowing our kids are somewhere safe, and fun.


A very well thought out and organized camp covering all areas of YMAA’s motto in promoting a healthy mind, body and soul. A lovely and dedicated team of counselors, keep up the great work. Looking forward to more camps!


The camp was very conveniently located right off the 404. Camp counselors are friendly and polite. Kids had a blast each day!

Shams Ahsan.

Hani loved his experience at the camp. He enjoyed all the activities. The activities were varied enough to keep his interest, and involve all aspects of learning. What’s appreciated even more is that it strengthens the child’s attachment to Muslim community, make Muslim friends and increases his religious knowledge, and applies the daily Islamic way of life, which is something that is deeply needed more than anything else these days. In addition to the usual activities of a camp, the involvement and participation in Muslim community, making Muslim friends at his age, and going through an Islamic daily routine including prayers and duas is extremely valuable and influential, especially at his age.

Al Radif Family.

My son’s experience at Camp was amazing. He enjoyed going there every day for two weeks, made new friends, learned many new academic, social, physical, and Islamic skills/knowledge. The coordinator and counselors were caring, friendly, and so much fun!! I will be sending my son next year and would highly recommend the best camp ever!

Jaffer Family.

They made a lot of friends and gained a Lot of knowledge!

Rajabali Family.

The fact that she never stopped talking about what she did at camp said it all for me. Loved how much she looked forward to going in the mornings. She loved the new friends she made and enjoyed games such as broken telephone and dodge-ball. I was thrilled to see her learn how to dribble a basketball and understand the game of soccer. Way to go guys you all ROCK!!!!!! Thanks for all the care, support and knowledge you imparted. May Allah bless all of you for always having the children’s best interest at heart.

Najarali Family.


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Ahsan Raza: +1 (647) 995-7292

Fatima Jessa: +1 (416) 559-8903